Buying, Selling and Trading Vintage Guitars    

  We Buy Vintage Guitars from Gibson • Fender • Gretsch • Martin • PRS
  Rickenbacker • Epiphone and more !   We can offer top dollar for your
  Vintage Stratocaster, Flying V, Fender Telecaster,  Les Paul or Les
  Paul Custom, Gibson SG, Fender Jazzmaster, Firebird,  Gibson EB0,
  EB3, Fender Professional Bass & 1950's or 1960's Fender Champ !


We buy guitars - Sell us your clean used vintage guitars • We buy and trade vintage guitars and amps  • Buying Fender guitars, • Buying Gibson guitars, Buying Effects Pedals and amps !

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If you are selling a vintage amp or guitar we buy vintage guitars and ampsBuying gibson guitars like gibson Sg, junior, les paul junior and les paul custom guitars, also es-335, 345, 355 and doc neck guitars we buy used gibson guitars and vintage guitarswe buy used fender guitars and vintage guitarsWe buy gibson flying v and firebird guitarsIf you're selling a guitar or amp please mail us now !We buy guitar parts and vintage guitar partsused guitar buyer in chicagoSorry, no free guitar appriasals can be provided.

Considering Selling Your Vintage Guitar, Used Guitar or Amp?

Welcome to Vintage Guitar Buyer, we buy guitars, vintage guitars, used guitars and collectable amps

You've come to the right place if you're thinking "I want to sell my guitar", "I need to sell my guitar" or "I want to trade my vintage guitar". 

My name is Heith and I Buy and trade Vintage guitars including Vintage Fender, Vintage Gibson, Vintage Rickenbacker, Vintage Gretsch and Vintage Marshall amps. I also buy good used guitars as well as effect pedals and lots more. If you're selling a vintage guitar, amp or rare guitar parts please contact me, I pay top dollar and I'm always buying !  I particularly like Flying V and Firebird guitars.

Please see the " how to sell me your guitar " section of this web site for specifics on how to provide the information I need to discuss buying your guitar or amp.  Please only contact me if you have a vintage guitar, used guitar or amp and you are a serious about selling. 

Last but not least, I also buy vintage guitar collections and estates so if you are selling a guitar collection I am always interested. Please keep in mind that in some cases I will also consider trading for your vintage guitar or amp so let me know if you're interested in a trade. Thanks for considering selling me your vintage guitar, effect pedal or vintage tube amp. Don't forget to check out my vintage guitar photos gallery and links pages. 

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Guitars Wanted - Dead or Alive

Selling your Guitar ?
 I'm buying vintage guitars, used
guitars and  vintage amps including
Fender, Gibson, Marshall,
Rickenbacker, Martin, PRS,
Epiphone, and Gretsch.

I also buy some guitars in need of
repair and vintage guitar parts

Please email me if you're considering selling your Guitar or Collection !

If you are selling we are Buying vintage Fender amps and vintage Marshall amps and Gretsch guitars like the 6117and 6120



Wondering how to sell your guitar ?

Buying Vintage Guitars !  Amps Wanted !  Parts Wanted !  Buying vintage Fender and Gibson guitars,
Rickenbacker guitars, Buying Gretsch guitars and Marshall and Fender amps and vintage parts. 


We buy Gretsch Single Cut PRS Travis Bean Buying your Strat Buying your Tele • Les Paul Junior
ES-335 ES-345 PAF Pickups SG Double White Pickups We buy Double Neck guitars • Jazz Master Bassman Marshall Plexi



We Buy Vintage Guitars