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Here are a few pictures of my favorite vintage guitars.  If you are selling one of these I am always buying.  I pay top dollar so please contact me !
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This is a 1967 Telecaster often called a " tele ".   The guitar was originally named the Fender Esquire and was a single pickup model.  Late a second pickup was added, the guitar was renamed the Broadcaster.  Gretsch forced the company to change the name due to owning rights to the name so Fender renamed it the Telecaster by 1951.  They have a "bright" tone and are fun to play.  

This is a 1950's Les Paul Special , A double cut body with dual p90 pickups. These are popular with collectors and I love to buy LPs !

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  This is a gibson 1954 goldtop reissue. The goldtop was one of the first Gibson electrics.  These look really cool but I don't particularly like the way they sound. Early goldtop models were hard to play because of a shallow neck design poor tailpiece design. They were also difficult to keep tuned as it is easy to "knock" then out of tune if you accidentally tap on the trapeze. All in all a cool looking guitar that is more of a collector guitar then a player guitar.  
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Fender telecasters wanted to buy
This is a 1956 gibson LG1 acoustic flat top.  Gibson made a ton of great acoustic guitars. I like the J-50 but I'm also fond of the J-185 and SJ-200.  They also made a J-45, hummingbird and several other models.  They are a real pleasure to play.

I'm Buying vintage Fender and Gibson Guitars, email me if you're selling !
  The Gibson Les Paul guitar is a beautiful instrument.  Production started in 1952 and was Gibson's first solid body electric.  I believe this is a 1959 Les Paul in maple.  My favorites are 1953, 1954 and 1955 Les Pauls but all vintage Les Pauls look and sound great.   This is a 1967 Tele or Telecaster. The guitar was originally named the Fender Esquire and was a single pickup model. Late a second pickup was added, the guitar was renamed the Broadcaster then renamed the Tele (Telecaster) by 1951. The Telecaster has been a classic for 50 years.  
paying cash for vintage martin guitars
fine Gretsch chet atkins guitars, i want to buy your guitar
1957 les paul similar to a 1958 or 1959

This is a vintage 1950 Martin D-18 flattop acoustic.  Martins are great sounding guitars, one of my favorites.  These guitars are hand crafted and Martin has been making guitars for well over 100 years.  Martin still only makes about 7500 guitars a year. The Martin Dreadnoughts are probably the most popular guitars. These include the D-18, the D-28 and the D45.


  This is a vintage 1962 Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar. Generally a blue grass and country guitar. There were three popular models, the Chet Atkins, the Tennesseean and the Country Gentlemen. They have amazing sound and the finishes are superb. Some non-country performers preferred the guitar including Joe Walsh and Pete Townsend.    This is a 1957 Les paul custom. The Les Paul Custom has an ebony fret board rather than the rosewood used on goldtops. The fret wire used is a little flatter and somewhat wider than a Gold Top, I think they are easier to play than a goldtop.  
les paul 1958 similar to a 1956 or 1957
1960 stratocaster, looks like all from 1961 and all pre cbs strats
buying les paul juniors and marshall amps
1958 les paul (Reissue) of a classic 1958 Gibson Les Paul.  A great sounding guitar that's easy on the eyes too ! Eric Clapton's used a Gibson Les Paul Standard while playing with John Mayall & The Blues Breakers from 1965-1966.

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  This is a modern copy of a 1960 Stratocaster commonly referred to as a " strat".  this particular one is actually a modern reissue.  Stratocasters featured three pickups and a great body shape which made them easily to play they had an awesome sound.  They also had a built-in tremolo. These are probably the all time classic guitars. Many musicians prefer " strats " including Eric Clapton.   This is a Les Paul Junior.  The Les Paul Junior was a cheaper version of the Les Paul, having a more flat, mahogany body and a single P90 pickup.  It also used an old wraparound bridge/tailpiece that was used even after it was dropped from the Gold top.  These came in a variety of finishes including a blonde/yellow finish instead of the popular sunburst.  These are called a "' TV " model. Another variation is sometimes referred to as the Les Paul Special.  


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