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  We Buy Vintage Guitars from Fender • Airline • Silvertone • Martin •
  Rickenbacker • Hofner and more !   We can offer top dollar for your
  Vintage Stratocaster, Marshall Amp, Fender Telecaster,  Les Paul or Les
  Paul Custom, Gibson SG, Fender Jazzmaster, SG Junior,  Gibson EB0,
  EB3, Fender Professional Bass & 1950's or 1960's Fender Champ !


We buy guitars - Sell us your clean used vintage guitars • We are always buying guitars  • Buying Fender guitars, • Buying Gibson guitars, Buying Effects Pedals and amps !

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Here are details on what we need to determine
if we can buy your vintage amp or guitar

I will need to take a look at your vintage guitar and get background information on it before I can make a determination on whether I can make an offer on it. I am primarily looking for Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Epiphone and Rickenbacker brand guitars and Marshall, Fender and Gibson amps but will consider other brands if they are desirable models. I am also looking for parts from time to time and our needs here will depend on what our customers are looking for.

The best way to start the process is to take few digital photographs and send me some information on the guitar or amp. You can send this information to me at Email: rocknrollvintage@gmail.com 

In addition to the photographs, please include the following information:

Serial Number
Year you purchased the guitar if you are the original owner
Any modifications, repairs or known issues.
Your Contact information including a phone number

Once you send me the information either myself for one of my partners will reply by email or phone. If we want to purchase your guitar or amp we will need to actually see the guitar or amp for final in-person inspection before I can pay you. There are several options on how we can do this.

I have several partners in Rock N Roll Vintage, a retail vintage guitar store located in Chicago Illinois. If you're in the area I can arrange a convenient time for you to bring the guitar by our shop so we can do a final inspection. 

We travel the country a great deal looking for guitars and often attend regional guitar shows. We can perform an in-person inspection while traveling in your area if we can make arrangements in advance.

Many owners ship their guitar to my shop for inspection. I will cover shipping and insurance costs but we must make arrangements in advance. We will not accept guitars and amps that arrive without making prior arrangements.

On occasion we will make a special trip to your location if you have a collection or highly desirable guitar. Please contact me about selling collections or extremely rare pieces. 

If we are interested in your guitar we will offer you a fair price and provide a smooth transaction. Please keep in mind we are looking for clean, original guitars and amps that other collectors will be interested in. In most cases we will beat the local guitar chain store, pawn shop, auction or estate sale price so please give us a shout.

Selling a guitar ? We are buying guitars like  Travis Bean, Silvertone, G&L, Dan electro and  particularly like to buy guitars such as a gibson flying v.

Sell me your vintage fender strat, tele or gibson SG, amp or effects collection
we also buy estates and collections !

Rickenbacker Gibson Buying Guitars  Fender Marshall Travis Bean Gretsch Dan Electro Single Cut PRS
Strat Tele Les Paul Junior ES-335 ES-345 PAF Pickups Double White Pickups Jazz Master Bassman Plexi


Email: rocknrollvintage@gmail.com


Buying guitars because we need to buy your guitar for inventory